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Frequently Asked Questions

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Downloading Designs

(Please note that each Internet browser has different downloading features - for complete instructions, consult your browser's Help files)

The word "Downloading" is frequently misused. The term refers to the process of transferring a file from our internet website to your computer.

All of our products, whether downloaded from our website or as packaged products on diskettes or CDs come to you as multi-format installation files. They include an "Installation Wizard" which goes through a series of installation screens. This process is "installing", not "downloading".

Following installation, you will need to move the designs to the machine by way of a memory card, floppy disk, CD, or Serial, Parallel or USB cable, depending on the type of machine that you have. This process is "transferring" or "copying", not "downloading."

If you need to request customer service for your purchase it's important that you are able to describe which part of the process you are having trouble with.

Our site has two types of downloadable files: the free "Letter of the Month", and purchased products.

All of our products, download or mail order, are supplied as .exe installation files. They include a "wizard" for installing the individual embroidery designs to your computer in one of 7 formats. The format included are: Singer, P.O.E.M. (.csd), Tajima (.dst), Melco expanded (.exp) , Husqvarna/Viking (.hus), Babylock, Bernina, Brother (.pes), Pfaff (.pcs), Janome/ New Home, Elna (.sew).

Instructions for downloading Purchased and Free products:

Part 1 - Transferring an installation file from our website to your computer.

Our products are transmitted from our website to your computer as installation (.EXE) files. This file includes a built-in Installation Wizard.

On your Order page, there is a separate listing below for each download product. Click on the underlined product title with your left mouse button. A screen will appear offering options for "Run" or "Save" We recommend that you choose "Save" so that you will have a copy of the installation file on your computer, as a backup copy if needed. Clicking on "Save", you will have the opportunity to choose where to store this file. We recommend that you store it somewhere on your computer's hard drive.

You will also see this statement: "It is not known whether this file is safe. Are you sure you want to download it?" This is a generic Internet statement - our checkout software does not re-evaluate each product. All of our download files are virus-free, and your computer's anti-virus software will evaluate the file's contents. However, if you do not have anti-virus software, or have any concern about downloading, choose "Run." Our built-in Installation Wizard will be activated immediately onscreen.

Please make a note of the product filename - the last part of the product title below (e.g. 09172.EXE). After downloading, if you cannot remember where you have chosen to store this installation file on your computer, you can do a search for this filename.

Part 2 - Installing the designs to your computer and choosing an embroidery format

Once activated by double-clicking on the downloaded file - which has an icon that looks like a computer with a box in front - the Installation Wizard will provide a series of installation screens, including the opportunity to choose an embroidery format, and to choose a storage location for the embroidery designs.

Feedback or Questions about "Downloading" (3)

I do not have conversion or digitizing software, therefore I am unable to convert the recommended .pes format into what my machine can use. I can only download design files in .art format. My machine is a Bernina 165E, and I use Artlink V.4 to open up the designs I download and to transfer to my sewing machine. Will your company be able to offer a monogram set in .art format? I am interested in a monogram set. Thank you.

Idalia Villarreal

EmbroideryArts Support answers:

We are a small company, and made the decision some time ago that we could not afford to retool our product line each time a machine manufacturer creates a new embroidery format. Consequently, we don’t offer .xxx, .art, ..jef,. shv, .vip, .rgb, .fdr, etc. etc. There are now more than 20 different embroidery formats. There is little if any technical difference between them.

We support 7 different formats. This means that our products are compatible with all home and commercial embroidery machines. Some machine types may require the user to convert the designs within their embroidery software program as they are used.

If you do not have this software, or a device like the Magic Box, and can only use designs in .art format, we suggest that you visit:


They also sell our products, and offer more formats since products sold there are only available by download.

--Posted by: Idalia Villarreal at September 24, 2005 02:42 PM

I am a Macintosh G4 user. If any fellow Mac users can recommend a PC emulation program for downloading the embroidery files, I would very much appreciate it! Thanks!

EmbroideryArts Support answers:

There are very few choices for Mac users to emulate Windows. Essentially there is only Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 by Microsoft. On bulletin boards and in reviews the general consensus is that Virtual PC 6 was better than Virtual PC 7. The exception is G5's only work with Virtual PC 7. Check out http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/6078 and other forums for more info.

Since 98% of the embroidery industry is PC-Based we don't have any first-hand experience with these products. If a MAC user is reading this and has a better answer or an opinion on Virtual PC by Microsoft from an embroiderer's perspective, please post a comment.

--Posted by: Judie Henegar at December 29, 2004 12:47 PM

Can a Macintosh (APPLE) G4 machine "download" these files?

EmbroideryArts Support replies:

All of our products are distributed as multi-format installation files, which include a wizard for choosing an embroidery format appropriate to your type of machine and storing the designs on your computer.

The installation file is an .exe file. Macintosh operating systems cannot run .exe installation files, but we have been told by some of our customers that they have been successful using PC emulation programs. We offer a free download Letter of the Month so if you have one of these programs you can try the installation for free.

MAC users sometimes ask us why 98% of the embroidery industry is PC-based. The answer has to do with the history of computerized embroidery. Although embroidery may seem like a visual process, the actual sewout is a complex formula of mathematical reference points (XY coordinates) which direct the movement of the hoop beneath the rising and dropping needle. In the late 1970s, when the first software was being written for computerizing embroidery machines, PCs had the best math co-processors, so the industry went in a PC direction.

--Posted by: Darby Tarr at November 6, 2004 01:12 PM

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