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Custom Digitizing

Do you have a hand-embroidered family monogram that you would like to be able to reproduce on a computerized embroidery machine? Are you planning a wedding or a special event and want a special touch for the table linens?

Original Hand-Embroidered

Custom Digitized Monogram

Download Free Sample


This monogram was originally done on a linen handkerchief, and embroidered by hand with a very fine embroidery floss in a pale blue color. The original monogram is a 1 1/2" (39mm) square design. It is done in satin stitch in a single color.

Although we can create custom digitized monograms from sketches, photographs, or scans, it's sometimes helpful to have the actual monogram as a reference. The detail in this example was easier to understand by viewing the original.

We began by scanning the original monogram, but found that a black and white photocopy, enlarged approximately 200%, provided a clearer template to work from. From that template, a tracing was made of the outlines of design details, then rescanned as a digitizing template.

Although machine embroidery can manage different thread weights, 40 weight thread is the standard, and this thread weight was chosen for this monogram. 40 weight thread is heavier than the original hand embroidery floss, but sews better and more reliably on a computerized embroidery machine. Making this decision prior to digitizing is important because satin stitch densities are digitized with a particular thread weight in mind.

In order to make the replicated monogram more useful for table linens, the size of the design was increased to 1 7/8" (48mm). It was also decided that the monogram would be digitized as a three-color design - the original handwork version was one color. All three parts of the digitized design can be sewn out with one thread color if duplicating the original color scheme is the goal. Digitizing the background details as Color 1, the square border as Color 2 and the initials as Color 3 allows some flexibility in sewing out the design. For example, the initials can be sewn alone by skipping the first two colors, or the initials and border can be sewn without the background details by skipping the first color. Each variation has a different look.

Another decision was made regarding the design shape. This monogram was clearly a square when first embroidered, but laundering over a number of years has caused the square to pull in slightly - most evident on the left and right side. Although deciding to correct the shape may seem obvious, it is still a detail to be considered. Had the aim been to create a more "authentic" replica the outlines could have been digitized as we found them in the original.


The design was digitized with underlay in all areas to give each satin stitch detail a raised appearance. Different underlay settings were chosen for each color, reflecting the differences in their density and column width.

Hand monogramming, no matter how skillfully executed, has an "imperfect" quality that machine embroidery often fails to convey. In order to preserve this feeling, we digitize all outlines manually, which allows for slight variations in column width and stitch direction. Auto-digitizing, or programmatic digitizing with standard settings is much faster for the digitizer, but much less successful in creating an authentic feeling for a special monogram.

Embroideryarts specializes in digitizing monogram designs, and we feel that our 10 years of experience in this specialty provide us with special skills for monogram designs.

We can provide a free price quote for your project.

Please note the following:

* We only provide a custom digitizing service for monograms. There are multiple sources for general logo or design digitizing. If you have a business logo that you need to have digitized, we suggest internetembroidery.com (http://www.internetembroidery.com)

* In order to provide an accurate quote, we need an image or drawing of the monogram. When requesting a price quote, please either attach a digital image to an email message, mail us a photograph or drawing, or fax to 845-358-2696.

* Depending on the quality of the image that you provide, we may be able to use it as artwork for digitizing the monogram. If the image isn't sufficiently detailed, addition artwork preparation may be required, for an extra charge.

* Price quotes will be provided by email. Please allow 2-3 business days from the date that we receive your quote request.

* Custom digitizing cost is based on the detail and complexity of each project. The minimum cost is $50.00.

* Custom digitized monograms are provided in a wide variety of embroidery machine formats for use on your own equipment, or for use by a commercial monogrammer of your choice. Please specify which embroidery machine format you require. NOTE: we provide the digitized design only - we do not offer any monogramming services. If you are looking for a monogrammer, please check our Monogrammer's Yellow Pages for a business in your area.

* We require a credit card number before proceeding with a custom digitizing job. Once our quote has been approved, allow 5 business days for your job to be completed. We do not offer a rush service.

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