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Directions for Checkbook Cover Project / March 2001

(This project utilizes letters from our Petite Monogram Set 2.

Step 1. Print the template and instructions.

These are .pdf files, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view and print.
To insure printing in exact size, be sure that FIT TO PAGE (see Properties under the Print Menu) is not selected.

The template shows two rectangles and a horizontal line. They are to be used as follows:

2 1/4" (56 mm) x 5 1/8" (130mm) solid line. This rectangle is to be used as a guideline for digitizing your own decorative border.

3" (72mm) x 6" (152mm) broken line. This rectangle is to be used to trim the fabric after embroidery.

Solid horizontal line. This line is to be used to align individual monogram letters.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, and want to digitize your own version of the borders, print out the template and scan the printed sheet into your design software. Then, utilizing the solid line rectangle, digitize the border as you want it, and save it with a file name of your choice.

If you are using the pre-digitized borders, the template is still useful, since it locates the outside trim edge with a broken line.

Step 2. . Purchase pre-digitized borders (do-it-yourself users - skip this step).

If you are using the pre-digitized border designs, purchase and download the designs.

They will be received as a self-extracting zip file (.exe), with one of the following product numbers:

01277 Checkbook Border - csd
01278 Checkbook Border - dst
01279 Checkbook Border - exp
01280 Checkbook Border - hus
01281 Checkbook Border - pcs
01282 Checkbook Border - pes
01283 Checkbook Border - sew

The checkbook border set contains 3 individual embroidery files.

ChkBk01 - a two-color rectangular decorative border- snowflakes.
2 1/4" (56mm) X 5 1/8" (130mm).
ChkBk02 - a two-color rectangular decorative border- interlocking rings.
2 1/4" (56mm) X 5 1/8" (130mm).
ChkBk03 - a two-color rectangular decorative border- circular design with star
overcast stitches. 2 1/4" (56mm) X 5 1/8" (130mm).

The product also contains a .txt file that can be read or printed, called "Notes". This file contains information about the number of stitches in the design, and the sewing sequence of the various parts of the design.

We ordinarily suggest colors, but in this case the designs are very simple, and the choice of thread colors is basically infinite. Color choice would depend on the color of the fabric, and the colors being used for the Monogram Set letters chosen. Feel free to experiment with different thread colors.

The product files come in 7 different formats:

.csd Singer / P.O.E.M
.dst Tajima
.exp Melco expanded
.hus Husqvarna Viking
.pcs Pfaff
.pes Brother, Babylock, Bernina
.sew Janome/New Home, Elna

Choose the appropriate format when purchasing and downloading the designs.

Import the checkbook border design of your choice into your design software.

Step 3. Merge a checkbook border design and letter(s) from the Petite Monogram Set 2 (or another style if you prefer).

The decorative borders are all designed to be merged with letters from one of our monogram sets.

We chose two initials from the Script style, and alternated them, along with alternating colors along the solid horizontal line in the template provided. Adjust the spacing until you are happy with the overall design. (Note: for more information on how to import and merge designs together, consult your embroidery design software Help files.)

When you are happy with the overall design, save the file with a filename of your choice.

Step 4. Sew out the checkbook cover design.

Although the ultimate choice of fabric is yours, we recommend felt as the best fabric for this project because it comes in several colors, is easy to acquire in small quantities, and when trimmed has a finished edge that will not unravel.

We also recommend that the felt be stabilized with one layer of iron-on medium weight backing, which will create a continuous backing surface that is attached to the felt, making trimming the edge easier. The same result can be obtained by fusing a layer of "Wonder-Under" paper-backed transfer web, manufactured by Pellon (or similar product) with an iron to a layer of medium or heavy weight backing, then removing the paper backing and fusing the two to the felt.

Step 5. Final assembly

Using a copy of the template provided, and a razor blade or exacto knife, cut small square windows (1/4 inch, 5mm) at each of the corners of the broken line and the solid line so that the point of intersection between horizontal and vertical lines is in the center of the cutout hole.

Use the windows at the corners of the solid lines to align the template with the embroidered border. Once aligned, use the windows at the corners of the broken lines to put a small dot at each corner with an air-soluble marker. Use the marker to connect the dots as a rectangle.

Trim the fabric along the drawn line.

Insert the trimmed fabric in the top flap of the checkbook cover.

Congratulations! Your project is complete.

Sources for Materials
Felt and iron-on backing:
Available from fabric or craft stores.

Clear Checkbook Covers:
Available for purchase online from Kapres and Company at:

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