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Appointment/Address Bookcover - dress up a utilitarian appointment/address book.

Book CoverThis project is a monogrammed appointment/address book cover.

This project uses letter from Arabesque Set 2.

This month's project makes an idea gift, or you can use it yourself to dress up a utilitarian appointment/address book, as we have done. The same concept and basic instructions can easily be adapted to cover a bible or prayerbook, telephone book, etc.


This project courtesy of Pauline Richards.

Pauline Richards, an embellishment expert, publishes the Total Embellishment Newsletter, currently beginning its fourth year. She is known for her innovative stories in SEW NEWS, Sewing & Serger Update Newsletters and her work with several sewing machine and trim companies. Pauline works with Linda Griepentrog, Editor of SEW NEWS as co-director of the magazine's SEW N'Go educational shopping tours. She holds an M. Ed degree and has 17 years of teaching experience on the high school and college levels.

For more information on Total Embellishment Newsletter, visit their website at:

Step-by-step instructions have been prepared and are available to be printed. We have researched suppliers for the materials needed, and include website links for materials sources.

Preview the instructions.

Sources for Materials

We have used an appointment/address book by DayMinder, manufactured by the At-A-Glance Group. The book measures 3 3/4" (9.53 cm) wide by 6 " (15.24 cm) by 1/2" (1.27 cm) thick, and is product # G250-00.

This book is available from most stationery stores in the US and Canada, and is also available online from the manufacturer:

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